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Moon Phases november Schedule for all the Moon phases. September Astrology. After years of having his newspaper horoscope read to him by his mom, Kenneth made the shocking discovery that all the planets were involved in astrological judgments.

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At age 13 he taught himself how to cast a chart by hand. This began a lifelong interest in astrology and astrological traditions. He remained an amateur western astrologer studying with various teachers until the mids, when he was exposed to Indian Vedic astrology, and after a few years decided to make a mid-life career switch to become a professional astrologer. He is currently President of Kepler College.

He is one of the few professional astrologers with a working knowledge of all of these traditions.

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Patricia Bell is regarded as one of the world's most gifted clairvoyants, astrologer and speaker. With a Ph. Bell's studies have brought her under the tutelage of some of the world's most noted teachers in Astrology, Kaballah, Humanities, North American Medicine, World Religions, and Yoga.

Valued as the Great Mother in holistic circles, Patricia continues to touch and contribute to the world's spiritual well-being with her dedication to her work. Today, Dr. Patricia Bell continues to provide spiritual guidance to people from all over the world.

January 12-19, 2020

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