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Planetary Conqueror is a 4-part email series outlining how to handle the most difficult astro events. Latest blog articles:. Astrology can be helpful with so many aspects of life, and one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people start studying astrology is to help them with their lives. They've been through a difficult period, a traumatizing experience, they've got baggage and issues that they need to work through, and they're looking for some help.

Read more. The final month of comes with a full moon in air sign Gemini and the last eclipse of the year, a solar eclipse in Capricorn. Dive in What is a solar eclipse? A solar eclipse occurs with a new moon, which is when the transit moving Sun and Moon are in the exact same position in the Zodiac called a conjunction. Jupiter, my Jupiter!

We start a new Jupiter journey in a new Jupiter sign. Mercury enters Cancer. North N enters Gemini. Sun enters Cancer Summer Solstice. Mars enters Aries.

Venus In Aries 2020

Saturn enters Capricorn. Sun enters Leo.

Mercury enters Leo. Venus enters Cancer. Mercury enters Virgo.


Sun enters Virgo. Mercury enters Libra. Venus enters Leo. Sun enters Libra Autumn Equinox. Mercury enters Scorpio. Venus enters Virgo. Lilith enters Taurus. Sun enters Scorpio.

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Venus enters Libra. Venus enters Scorpio. Sun enters Sagittarius. And yeah, it all feels pretty girly, but men have their online mysticism, too. It just looks a little more like this.

My curmudgeonly twin points out that this is all a ploy to get women to spend more money on useless stuff, but my more compassionate twin appreciates a corner of the internet that values justice and empathy. She writes the videos. He edits the videos. And if you like the videos, just keep watching and another episode will play.

Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, and it revolves around the sun in just 88 days. Rick Fienberg, a spokesman for the American Astronomical Society in Washington, suggests picturing Mercury as a racecar in an inner lane and Earth in an outer lane, as they both make their way around a circular track. Mercury is going much faster and has a shorter distance to travel.

Now, on to the issue of direction: If you watch the planets from the Northern Hemisphere, most of the time they appear to be going right to left, over a period of several weeks, as seen against the starry background. But three or four times a year, an optical illusion occurs: It looks as if Mercury is going backward. It happens when Mercury is passing between Earth and the sun, leaving Earth in its dust. The next one starts July 7. Fienberg said. Astrology has soared in popularity in recent years, particularly among young, female and queer online communities.

Miller said that her site received million page views in the last year alone. And this year, she said, there has been an uptick in concern about Mercury retrograde. Online searches for the term have risen dramatically over the last five years, according to Google data. Never miss an eclipse, a meteor shower, a rocket launch or any other astronomical and space event that's out of this world.

exhoudowadni.gq But astrology is sometimes met with ridicule or derision by scientists and non-believers.