Four trines in vedic astrology

Here is a quick simplistic list of the planets and other objects on a chart. Sun- Ego. Moon- Inner Emotions. Venus- Love. Ascendant- Attitude. This means that if these planets trine, you can know what is complementing each other. For example, Mercury trines Venus, this would mean that your communication and thought process is harmonious in the way you love!

Maybe your communication makes you more lovable, or you are able to communicate your love in a peaceful way!

Four Trines in Vedic Astrology by Lakshmi Narayan Sharma | Waterstones

You can mix all of the planets that trine on your chart and you will know that they work well together! The Second Step to interpret what your trine means is to find the signs that your planets are in! If you are familiar with astrology, then you probably know this concept. But for those who do not know, on your birth chart , each planet has a sign based on where it was on the sky, when you were born. In this particular photo the Venus is in Pisces the pink symbol represents the planet Venus and is in the Pisces placement on the wheel the Jupiter in Cancer the blue symbol represents Jupiter and is in the Cancer placement on the wheel and the Saturn in Scorpio make a triangle on the chart.

Which means that they are three separate trines. These three planets, Venus , Jupiter , and Saturn are all degrees apart from each other, forming three trines. We know from the chart above that Venus is in Pisces. If you research Venus in Pisces then you will know that their love is unconditional when in this placement.

We also know from the chart that Jupiter is in Cancer. If you research Jupiter in Cancer then you will know that their luck is abundant when in this placement. So finally, this Venus trines Jupiter , means their unconditional love will stimulate and work smoothly with their abundance of luck! The zodiac signs are a bit more complicated to create a quick chart, if you just google the placement, you can find short descriptions! Posts Coming Soon!

This concept confused me for a long time, and I intend to explain it well to not confuse you! Here are two birth charts placed next to each other. Notice the inner tics of the inner circle. Only focus on these tics for now! These sections are called the houses of astrology! Each house has their own meaning. Short meanings below.


Each birth chart will have different signs in their houses. Houses are always 30 degrees apart. In the photos above, Venus and Mercury are in the eighth house. Saturn is in the second house.


Pluto is in the ninth house etc. We know this because the planets are in that signs domain during your birth. The placement of these columns never change, the houses will always be in that position, the thing that changes is the turning of the zodiac signs on the wheel. Notice above that the symbols are all in different places on each chart. Aquarius is near the 1st house on the first photo, on the second it is in the 12th house, on the third photo is is in the 4th house. I First House — Self. II Second House- Possesions.

IV Fourth House- Home. V Fifth House- Love. VI Sixth House- Health. IX Ninth House- Exploration. X Tenth House- Career. XI Eleventh House- Groups. Now, to finally put all that we have gathered together, we know that we have a trine. We have found two planets that are degrees apart.

We know from the chart above that there is one connection that create this trine. Step three is to find out what area of life this is happening in! However, before we can climb a ladder we need to make sure the rungs are safe, and we must always start at the bottom. FIG 1.

An order of priority in our karmic work is indicated by the order of the signs. Thus Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer represent the first-rung level of the four ladders, Leo through to Scorpio the second rung, and Sagittarius through to Pisces the third. We have come into the present life with some rungs in place and with some rungs missing. Habits of feeling water , thinking air , acting fire and relating to the material world earth , formed in past lives, cause problems until we change them.

A ladder is only complete if a grand trine has formed. A grand trine, for example in earth, shows we have mastered earth skills in our past lives, and developed our physical body to be a fit container for our spirit. The presence of one or two sides of an incomplete triangle indicates that we can already access many of the resources of this element, but we still need to add the dimension symbolised by the missing rung.


Trine Aspects in the Complete Horoscope

These are valid both for the wheel of the houses and for the wheel of the signs. The first trigant is cardinal, the second is fixed and the third is mutable in its energy. I have set the wheels in Fig. You will see that the points of the triangles shown in Fig. The order of the trigants indicates an evolution as we pass round the wheel. Aries to Cancer houses is concerned with personal empowerment. Here we individuate by developing our personal resources in the elements fire, earth, air and water.

We are developing a secure sense of self to act as a firm foundation from which we can relate to others and play a role in the world.

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In the second trigant, Leo to Scorpio houses , the energy is fixed and concentrated. This is the trigant of crisis, where are mirrored back through our relationships with others, and where our ego clashes with other egos. The third mutable trigant, Sagittarius to Pisces houses , is the field of ego transcendence and transpersonal involvement.

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Depending on how far we can let go of personal desires, we can be creative here with the transpersonal levels of fire, earth, air and water by identifying with dimensions greater than ourselves. A personal planet in Aries trining one in Leo means that the first two rungs of the fiery ladder are in place. We can be aflame with enthusiasm and gusto, able to act spontaneously and effectively to make things happen with the right timing through our willpower and intuition.

Our confident and expansive energy gives us the power to command. Learning the art of living totally we can become afire with the joy of creation and can ignite others.